Uplyfting Power of the Pink Mustache Cars

If you live in Hollywood or the Greater Los Angeles area, and you’ve see a car with a pink mustache, there is method to the pink madness. The pink mustache is the token representation that ride sharing service, Lyft, uses to let you know the driver can drive you to your destination—like a taxi. Although at first glance, it may seem sketchy to take a ride from a stranger. However, Lyft does do background checks and screenings for their drivers. My only question is what stops Joe Sketch Blow from sticking a pink mustache on his car and pretending to be a Lyft driver? Overall though, I do like the idea of peer to peer taxi services because it will increase competition for existing taxi services to either lower costs or improve the quality of their service in order to compete, which would be great for the community as a whole. ┬áBad news for existing taxi service companies and taxi drivers though.



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